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Cheap, Nutritious, Easy DIY – Banana Milk!

By January 11, 2017Recipes

Banana “mylk” is the new creamy, delicious and nutritious yet totally affordable milk of your dreams!

It’s seriously, ridiculously simple and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought to make it before. Yes, all those super ripened, dark or brown bananas you used to just toss, could have been used to make delicious banana mylk. But hey, it’s a new day so let’s make good choices from here on out! Don’t smack your hand to your forehead too hard while reading this recipe…

Banana “Mylk” Recipe

  • Freeze your bananas (peels off and chopped please)

  • Place in a high speed blender with fresh water and a pinch of cinnamon and sea salt

  • Blend until frothy and creamy

  • Now, go enjoy it! Yes, that’s it!

* If you want to get technical, use about 1 Cup of water per whole banana you use. So two chopped bananas= 2 cups water and blend up!

Super tasty and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Add some cocoa nibs and cocoa powder or a splash of vanilla to jazz it up a bit.

What’s your favorite DIY non-dairy mylk to make?