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This must be one of our favourite cheese sandwiches and requires minimal ingredients…


  • 2 T Plant-based butter, room temp⠀

  • 3 T Kale, chopped pre-steamed and cold

  • 1/4 C Smokey mashers

  • 3 Nafsika’s Garden Vegan Cheese Style slices – Whole Grain bread (two pieces per sandwich)

  • Salt and pepper⠀ ⠀


  1. Warm up the leftover mashers.

  2. Lay two pieces of bread side by each, butter evenly on one side of each slice and face that down, this is the outside of the sandwich.

  3. Add plant-based cheese to each piece, add a healthy scoop of warmed mashers, a small handful of kale, salt and pepper then cover with the other half of the sandwich bread and vegan cheese. ⠀

  4. Grill in cast iron or skillet on med. heat with a little butter in there (1 tsp), wait until it’s melted before adding the sandwich. After about one minute lightly press with a spatula then flip and repeat this process until each side is golden brown to your liking.⠀

  5. Enjoy!